A Small Brunch Between Friends at Les Halles, Léda (Paris 75001)

Tucked behind a small street in Les Halles district, this discrete location differs greatly from other restaurants in the area. The elegant and warm decor, tapas and casseroles – blending exotic and French bistronomy – and traditional brunch, best shared on the terrace or comfortable sofa, have all quickly made Léda a pied-à-terre for residents of the 1st arrondissement.

The Decor
Seeking to revive the spirit of Les Halles and Rue du Cygne, in a dining room that’s barely 50m2, architect Dorothée Meilichzon (Rachel’s, Café Pinson) has created a friendly and intimate space filled with 50s-style furniture, graphic patterns and geometric light fixtures. The clay-coloured seating, paint and wallpaper all wrap around a tiled bar and glass wall that connect the entire space. The terrace – heated year-round – is equally inviting to anyone looking to settle down for a gourmet afternoon treat, strollers and prams included.

The Food
This restaurant works with producers throughout the region, cooking with only the freshest products and ingredients. During the week, tapas, casseroles, meat tartare and fish dishes make up the majority of the menu, often tinged with exotic Franco-French elements, like meatballs with melted Comté cheese, ratatouille or tuna tartare flavoured with Yuzu and sesame. Brunch is more traditional and a bit heartier – the set menu includes orange juice or a hot beverage, bread and jam, a starter and a main dish. There are options for both small and large appetites: poached eggs (Benedict or Dutch) with potatoes, mozzarella burratina and tomatoes, avocado tartare, smoked chicken salad with hazelnuts, goat cheese and honey… And dessert is available, as well, for those who can’t resist brioche with salted caramel butter.

For Kids
There are neither high chairs nor a children’s menu here, but young families with prams or strollers will appreciate this spot’s private terrace, comfortable seating and trendy decor. On Wednesdays and weekends, mums enjoy the warm welcome of the restaurant’s staff, who will happily warm a jar or bottle for the baby.

Les Louves loves the opportunity to make brunch reservations – which is all too rare in Paris, but incredibly helpful when dining out with the kids.

To Discover

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Léda restaurant
12, rue du Cygne
75001 Paris
Wednesday through Sunday, 12h-15h et 18h-23h.
Metro : Etienne Marcel

Checklist : Space for strollers on the terrace, Brunch reservations, Comfortable seating.
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Prices & Reservations
Set Brunch Menu, Saturdays and Sundays, 24€
Weekday Menu (starter and main course), 13,50€
+33 (0) 1 42 36 83 88

Translated by G.W.