Children’s room: decorative inspirations from photographer Lois Moreno

Photos full of poetry and an eye that loves to capture family moments: welcome to the timeless and tender universe of Lois Moreno, a French-Spanish blogger and photographer. Sensitive to authentic atmospheres, we find in her apartment in Lyon and in the room of her three children codes that are dear to her: muted colors, soft materials and many objects found that bring a little extra soul. We got a guided tour of the bedroom of Zoe, Hugo and Simon.

Take the time to live and see the children grow slowly: the photographer Lois Moreno captures with her lens the tender and lively moments of her family, which she shares on her blog and Instagram account. A taste for slow life and the authenticity that one finds in her Lyonnais interior, even in the room of her three children, 9-year-old Zoé, 4-year-old Hugo and 19-month-old Simon, photographed this month by the site Ring The Belle.

Find the report dedicated to Lois Moreno on Ring The Belle here

©Delphine Jouandeau / Ringthebelle

The piece we love: the Scandinavian dresser that sits in a child’s room.
Where to find it? On the site of Miliboo.

©Delphine Jouandeau / Ringthebelle

The piece we love: the smart bunk bed, especially in a room that accommodates three children.
Where to find it? On the website Les enfants du design.

©Delphine Jouandeau / Ringthebelle

The pieces we love: the small elements of decoration which give all its charm to the room.
Where to find them? TellKiddo storage bags, the trophy animal head on Smallable, an owl lamp at Les enfants du design.

Translation: Ashley Griffin

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