Sausage and fries in Paris with the kids

To please our children at home, we cook a good mashed potatoes with ham. And when we are eating out? Sausage and french fries. Here are our three favorite locations in Paris.

This “high-class sausage bar” is a bit of a potache and is 100% dedicated to sausage. The goal of the founders: ennoble this not especially glamorous charcutière piece, using the best ingredients and shaping it by hand, degreasing it in passing. On the menu, there are nothing but good options: black pudding from Mortagne au Perche, marinated beef and sesame seeds, veal, poultry, coriander and tarragon, mini andouillettes from Lyon from the Quiblier family, and, for the children, there is the “knack la bise,” a traditional Strasbourg sausage by Thierry Schweitzer. It’s accompanied by fries, crushed potatoes, salad or sauerkraut. The review of this dad tester: “The menu mixes homemade sausages and well sourced products. The atmosphere is rather relaxed and there is enough room to accommodate strollers, at least at lunchtime during the week.”
Saucette, 30 rue Beaubourg (Paris IIIe)

Où manger une saucisse frites à Paris

The Kiez team imported the typical Berlin beer garden concept into the heart of Paris. These casual “beer gardens” are perfect for a family outing: there are large tables, an ideal outside on sunny days and an unfussy atmosphere. On the plate are German dishes and a nice selection of sausages that should appeal to little ones: smoked, grilled or herbed, they are served with a salad of potatoes, sauerkraut or fries. The kids will enjoy a sparkling (and organic) apple juice, the parents pick in the selection of beers and everyone has a great time.
Kiez Biergarten, 24 rue Vauvenargues (Paris XVIIIe) and Kiez Kanal, 90 quai de la Loire (Paris XIXe)

Five Guys
For a fast-food option, go to Five Guys, Barack Obama’s favorite burger restaurant, which now has three stores in Paris. Like in the States, we order at the bar and snack on a tray of peanuts while we wait. All burgers and hot dogs can be ordered here without bread (and it’s a great idea for little stomachs). The sausage is served, sliced in half and grilled, in a salad wrap or in a tray, with ingredients of your choice (American mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles, salad …) and melted cheese if you want. Ask for a size “small” for the fries—the portions are gigantic—and go sit with your brown paper bag. There are high chairs as needed.
Five Guys, 49-51 avenue des Champs-Élysées (Paris VIIIe), 42 cour Saint-Emilion (Paris XIIe) and 17/19 boulevard des Capucines (Paris IIe)

saucisse_five guys

Fanny Rivron
Translation: Ashley Griffin

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