In bamboo or melamine, these kid-friendly plates come in both chic and colorful designs which will surely brighten meal-time. This tableware is designed for children and will refresh a white tablecloth with super light, unbreakable plates, bowls, cutlery and more. Here are the best of.

Used for children’s dishes since the 50s, melamine has recently become more sophisticated and decorated in poetic illustrations or graphic designs. Chic, Italian brand Borgo Delle Tovaglie uses melamine to manufacture a range of dishes, all of which are guaranteed totally indestructible. Attention: melamine is dishwasher-safe but not microwave-safe.

Cover photo (from left to right) :

Melamine plate with yellow flowers, Mini Labo

Melamine plate with flowers drawn by Natalie Lété, on Bianca&Family

Green melamine cup with doves, Rice

Turquoise melamine cup with doves, Rice

Melamine plate, Borgo Delle Tovaglie

Melamine plate, Borgo Delle Tovaglie

Melamine bird plate, Bianca & Family

Melamine spoon, Rice

Ecological, tough and biodegradable, bamboo tableware work perfectly on a high-chair and come in a complete range of colors and patterns. Some of our favorite plates are from Zuperzozial, made of corn and bamboo fiber and colored with natural pigments.

From left to right :

Children’s set in bamboo, Biobu by Ekobo

Bamboo spoons, Spoonful of Colour, ZuperZozial

Hungry Wolf bamboo cup, Zuperzozial

Small, bamboo kid’s spoon, Biobu by Ekobo

Hungry Zebra bamboo plate, Zuperzozial

Cupful of Color Cup, Zuperzozial

ZuperZozial products are available at La Fibre Naturelle
(37, rue de Dunkerque, 75010, Paris)