Taking Care of a New Mom

After a few days at the hospital, in a cocoon where she and the baby are pampered and cared for by an attentive team, the young mother quickly joins a brand-new routine in the real world: short nights, bathing, feedings, improvised naps… To help her transition into this new normal, give her little touches of extra attention and make her day.

Make Homemade Food
Young mothers rarely have the energy to cook, nor do they have the time to get in the kitchen. Pamper mom with a healthy and seasonal homemade recipe. No time to cook? Bring home her favorite beautiful, seasonal products: a good truffle pecorino, fresh figs, a pumpkin for a homemade soup, clementines in winter or raspberries in summer.

Become her Photographer
For a young mother who is never without her iPhone and has a collection of pictures of the new baby’s irresistable smile, cutest yawns, and adorable pajamas but not any of her with the baby, help her by snapping a shot of her with the baby in her arms. Print these beautiful memories on glossy paper; a much nicer alternative to a fuzzy selfie.

Walk Around Your Neighborhood
Unfold the stroller, prepare the diaper bag, calculate the required bottles, carry it all the way out of the building… Venturing outside with a baby for the first few times can be intimidating for a new mom. Offer to help her from home and arrange a lunch or a walk in her neighborhood. A true gift to a young mother.

Run Small Errands for Her
When you are running out of diapers, mineral water, milk, or cotton: offer to go to the corner drugstore or supermarket to buy the everyday essentials and check one thing off of her to-do list.

Be Interested in Her
After being the center of attention for nine months, she is suddenly demoted to the background, giving 100% of her attention to a demanding infant. Be sure to listen to her, to ask about her life as a new mom, and the huge upheavels of her new life.

Bring her Something to Read
An hour nap, an hour of coaxing, an hour of snuggling … Some moms have trouble getting into the baby rythm and struggle to sleep during the day. Treat her to a plethera of distractions for when the baby is sleeping, such as a magazine or book to devour or streaming links to her favorite TV shows.

Be Her Guardian Angel
If it’s your best friend, do not hesitate to share your company: watch over the baby while she takes the time to bathe, get dressed in peace, give herself a quick facial, shave, prepare lunch her own way or just sleep. There is nothing more valuable to a young mom than some me-time.