3 spots to get brunch outdoors with the kids in Paris

A barbeque set amongst the rooftops, an improvised, garden tavern and a terrace set between old railroad tracks and converted into a beautiful, green space – kids will love these outdoor brunches when temperatures rise in Paris. We’ve selected three of the best spots for family gatherings and garden parties…

Les Sardignac sur le Toit (On the Roof), Paris 75020
A charming, provincial air floats beneath the trees at Les Sardignac, a spot Parisians like to keep to themselves. Located just outside the city, perched on the roof of Star Cinema des Lilas, this restaurant has one of the loveliest hanging terraces in East Paris and an exhilarating atmosphere. Soaking in the sun, this terrace feels like an urban tavern when the grill lights up on Sunday afternoons, and you can enjoy barbequed chicken or caramelized ribs with fries, sweet potatoes and salad.

For kids : After trying some homemade gelato on the terrace, let them explore the Serge Gainsbourg garden – a hidden gem filled with green space and beautiful flower beds. The garden also has a playground, public restrooms, water fountains, shaded benches and expansive lawns that are perfect for laying out. You won’t regret this incursion to the great East.

Les Sardignac sur le Toit
2, Place du Maquis du Vercors
75020 Paris
Metro : Porte des Lilas
+33 (0)9 67 12 25 28


Les Petites Gouttes and Rosa Luxembourg Gardens, Paris 75018
Every Sunday from 12:30 – 1:30pm, you’ll find a delectable, country-style brunch (“brunch bucolique”) on this huge terrace just in front of the wooden facades of the newly built Halle Pajol.  On the menu: fried bacon and scrambled eggs, casseroles, breads, pancakes, muffins, fruit and other treats to delight guests of all ages. In the heart of Paris’s first-ever “eco-district,” Les Petities Gouttes promises minimally processed, all-natural seasonal products.

For kids: This [great expanse] gives children the opportunity to run and frolic as much as they please. Nearly 800m² of indoor and outdoor green space has been planted along the old tracks of the North and East Railway Stations. The Rosa Luxembourg gardens are waiting for visitors to discover its budding biodiversity, enjoy the playgrounds and even plant vegetables.

Les Petites Gouttes
12 Esplanade Nathalie Sarraute
75018 Paris
Metro: Marx Dormoy or La Chapelle
+33 (0) 1 42 05 20 83
Buffet: 25€ for adults, 13€ for children

Au fond du Jardin, Paris 75020
A secluded 300 m² garden, an outdoor bar and a brunch menu that is completely fresh and organic – you don’t need much more to have a magical, summer Sunday in Paris. We love to take our time and enjoy the company of the locals at this spot made up of miscellaneous bits and pieces – they are just as easy-going and welcoming as the owners.

For kids : High chairs, toys, books and board games are all available for them to enjoy between games of hide-and-seek in the garden.

Au fond du Jardin
39, rue Pelleport
75020 Paris
Metro: Porte de Bagnolet
+33 (0) 1 43 64 81 35
brunch menu, 15€