An interview about beauty and pregnancy with Mathilde Lacombe, founder of Birchbox

Passionate about beauty, Mathilde Lacombe turned her passion into a business by founding Birchbox four years ago. The boxes send you samples of the most cutting-edge products every month. She shares her discoveries on her blog La vie en Blonde, is pregnant with her third child, and gave us her beauty secrets in this particular period.

We met at a small bistro close to Paris’s local Birchbox shop. Mathilde arrived smiling, as friendly as her blog and Instagram account suggest, where she has built a community of loyal fans. Pregnant with her third child, it is natural that the conversation was focused on her beauty routine and her favorite products that accompany her in each of her pregnancies.

What product do you use to prevent stretch marks and massage your body during pregnancy?

I love oils when I’m pregnant! I take the time to apply them every evening. It relaxes me, and I have no stretch marks to report so far! My favorite trio:
Eucerin oil: its smell is not bad, and it is not sticky. It is at an especially affordable price, which is not negligible since I use up several bottles within the nine months, and even after giving birth…
The Oil The Gifted O’mum, which smells nice, like almonds.
– Tonic oil from Clarins: oddly I did not love its scent during my first pregnancy, but for the next two, I’ve loved it!

Any tips against heavy legs?

The Bloom & Blossom light-leg spray: a must especially during my second pregnancy, where I really suffered the last few months. It immediately relieves the legs, and you’ll have a feeling of “lightness.”

And for keeping your hands pretty?

The detox manicure by Simone. A polishing technique made from mineral powder and pearl that gives you beautiful glossy nails without polish. It bluffs the nails, without posing any danger for those who do not wish to use nail polish during pregnancy.

What products do you use for your hair?

The Plumping line by Kevin Murphy. I used it throughout my second pregnancy, and especially after to counter the post-pregnancy hair loss. The massage spray in roots is the best. There’s no miracle—some hair falls out anyway, but much less than during my first pregnancy where I had not used this product line!

And after giving birth, have you discovered products that you recommend?

Tata Harper’s lip balms: when you spend your days kissing your baby, I thought that my lip balm had to be “clean” for my children’s cheeks! I love this green and chic brand, discovered a few years ago in the US and later made its arrival in France.

As for the silhouette, I discovered the belly bandit belt. It is a cladding belt to be worn the day after delivery. Thanks to it, I found my flat stomach in one month. All the friends to whom I lent it have been convinced! I recommend the investment (to buy during the pregnancy to have it immediately after giving birth, otherwise it’s pointless, and the results will not be the same).

Where do you recommend that moms go for pampering during pregnancy?

The Cocoon ritual at Themae is pretty incredible. (20-22 rue croix des Petits Champs, 75001 Paris)

Translation: Ashley Griffin

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