B&B in Antwerp : A mansion in the neighborhood of artists

A European capital of fashion, known for diamonds and a trendy lifestyle, Antwerp is constantly renewing itself through its people. Meet Paul and Patricia,a bobo couple in the Zurenborg district, the new cultural center of the city, where their mansion is somewhere between classic and modern.

The Location
In the Zurenborg district, east of the historic center of Antwerp, the Art Nouveau style spread widely at the end of the 19th century; the result is a tasty blend between neoclassical mansions and art nouveau’s curved lines and ornamentation. In recent years, Zurenborg has been reborn with local artists, aesthetes, and foodies – making it an alternative culture center of the city.

The Décor
It is no wonder why Paul and Patricia chose this district to settle down in after twenty years of expatriation in Bombay. Their souvenirs cover the walls and decorate the house with two guest rooms, completely renovated by Patricia. In the dining room, she was careful to keep the neoclassical ceiling fresco, woodwork, and 1870s essence and to reserve her contemporary and minimalist touch for the rooms.

For Kids
The rooms are made perfectly for families, since Patricia, mother of seven year old Vita, understands what it is like to travel with kids. Patricia has provided a cozy bedroom (the Buddha Room) which connects directly to the parent’s room on the first floor (the White room) and includes all of the necessary equipment (crib, highchair, fridge). The young guests are welcome in the lounge or the garden to play with Vita and her toys. The house is located just behind the famous Antwerp Zoo, a spot you must share with your kids.

We Love…
… Patricia’s kindness and especially her style and tips on the best food and fashion spots in the city.

To Discover

Cogels-Osylei: an emblematic street known for its architecture that blends Art nouveau, neoclassic and eclectic.

Dageraadplats: a 10 minutes walk or 3 tram stops. The heart of the Zurenborg district’s trendy restaurants, wine bars, and cozy terraces. Don’t miss the playground in the middle of the square.

Antwerp Zoo

Antwerp B & B
Van Geertstraat 14
Antwerp 2018
+32 (0) 484 941 945
Tram and Bus Stop: The Kerkstraat

Checklist : bathtub, cribs, high-chair, extra bed, garden, toys, fridge in rooms, kitchen access, baby bath.

Prices & Reservations
Rooms from 90€ to 170 €

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