Balls and Glory : Belgium’s healthy fastfood

The secret recipe of Balls & Glory? There isn’t one- we know exactly what’s inside. These healthy and delicious meatballs will get your kids on board with the new generation of fastfood. This Belgian revisiting of the meatball started with temporary counters in fine food stores; today Balls & Glory has three permanent locations: Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges. Their Antwerp location is unique for its counter on the docks.


The Décor
If you decide to eat here, the rustic, laid-back ambiance is sure to please. The long, communal table invites you to share lemon water and fruit with your neighbors, while you all enjoy the exposed brick, cobblestones, and beams which nod at this venue’s former life as a warehouse, now accented with modern suspensions, pastel coloring, and vintage stools. Another reason to visit, the meatball counter shares the space with a Mediterranean grocery and wine bar where the restaurateurs of Antwerp love to do their shopping.

The Dishes
While ordering at the counter, you can see the expert roll the balls by hand with fresh vegetables of the day, 100% local ingredients, and meat (porc, chicken, beaf, or lamb). To compose your plate, you chooses from the two recipes of the day or the vegetarian option, accompanied by “stoemp,” a traditional Flemish dish, which is a kind of mashed potato with vegetables- tender and succulent. As for your appetizer, choose the “Happy Balls”: mozzarella/pepper or mozzarella/pea.

For Kids
As well as the fun concept, the founder of Balls & Glory focuses on the quality and taste of the ingredients. Kids love the sweet balls. The founder’s favorite? The rhubarbe-ball.

We Love…
…the meatballs to-go. In summer, find a terrace with a view of the water and enjoy any of Balls & Glory’s meatball creations.

To Discover

  • To have traditional Flemish dishes, have lunch at the trendy FelixPakhuis, on the Docks. (Godefriduskaai 30, 2000 Antwerpen).
  • To go shopping for kids, discover our choice of concept store in Antwerp.

Balls & Glory
Felixpakhuis De Markt
Godefriduskaai 30
2000 Anvers
For Bruge and Ghent locations:

Prices and Reservations
Meatball from 5 euros.
Plates from 12 euros.
+32 (0) 3 227 16 00