Café Borély: The Fresh, Gourmet Brunch We Love in Marseille

In the middle of Borély Park – a sunny, green escape from the frenzy of Marseille – Café Borély is a timeless getaway, the perfect place to enjoy lunch for two or a meal as a family. Sit at one of the tables in the courtyard by the port pond lake? and listen to the silence of this magical space, where you will enjoy only the freshest products and ingredients.


The Décor
You’ll find this café just off of Borély Castle, an elegant country house built in the 18th century by the family of the same name, now home to the Museum of Decorative Arts, Earthenware and Fashion. The restaurant opened in 2013, sharing its walls with the Museum’s library. One enters through a leaf-covered courtyard, where tables, chairs and parasols are set-up at the first signs of spring. In the dining room, a long, 50s-style bench leans against the library, adorned with glossy brown and mustard-coloured cushions, inviting guests to sit and cool off when temperatures rise.

The Food
Ariel Lorin, the owner, is a conservationist caterer : he cooks solely with locally grown and seasonal organic products – all purchased directly from producers. Consequently, if you stop by during the week, you can choose from three plates – meat, pasta or veggie. As a connoisseur in world cuisine, Ariel loves to spice up his menu with Mediterranean and Eastern recipes (think carrots marinating in a Moroccan tagine and lentil dahl). Each Sunday for brunch, this chef to serve small, savoury dishes (salads, sharp cheeses, vegetable fritters, hot and cold soup, etc.), in addition to more traditional pastries, yogurts, fruits, cheeses and charcuterie.

For Kids
The impeccable decor – including delicate tables and white, Tolix chairs – does not sacrifice space or comfort. Children can play in the courtyard, prams and strollers can go anywhere and the restroom even features a wall-mounted changing table. Each day, the chef provides smaller portions for smaller appetites, and two Saturday afternoons a month, he hosts a workshop for children 5 and up – either a cooking lesson or story time over snacks.

Les Louves loves the cafe’s perfect location – not far from the park playground – for a Sunday that is sure to delight everyone.


Café Borély
Château Borély – Pavillon Est
134, avenue Clot-Bey
13008 Marseille
Metro : ligne 2, Station Rond-point du Prado, Bus 19, 44 ou 83.
Checklist : Changing table, children’s menu and cooking workshops, inner courtyard space for strollers.
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Prices & Reservations
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm.
Brunch (only on Sundays, by reservation): 25€.
Veggie, Pasta or Meat Dish: 16€.
Children’s Dish: 10€.
Children’s Workshop (ages 5-11) + a snack: 10€.
Dates and information on the workshops are announced on Café Borély’s Facebook page (along with its brunch menu, which changes each week)
+33(0)4 9122 46 87