Feast Together at Floyd’s (Paris 75010)

The relaxed atmosphere at this address is bright and welcoming, like a Californian villa. Every Sunday, Floyd’s American chef  presents his Sunday Roast, a delicious and savory brunch with British accents, delighting guests both young and old. Be sure to plan for a large table – we promise this is the type of place you’ll want to share.

The Decor
In the corner of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, a neighborhood accustomed to burgers and kebabs, Floyd’s has quietly established itself as an authentic, American barbecue joint, smelling delectably of summer days in the United States. Slip behind the bar of this laid-back space and discover a bright, beautiful dining room overlooking a patio, reminiscent of the West Coast, with white walls, clear benches and 1960s-style seating.

The Food
Meat! Floyd’s is known for its American grill, and guests can watch as cooks prepare beautiful cuts of meat just behind the glass. On the menu, you’ll find authentic dishes like ribs served with mac and cheese and a wonderful Angus steak, but also quirky, culinary creations from across the Atlantic that might appeal to more adventurous gourmands – like “Rabbit & Waffle,” fried rabbit thigh served on a waffle with maple syrup. The desserts are just as satisfying as the entrees, especially the cheesecake, which is always perfectly made.
Every Sunday, this American chef prepares an English specialty: Sunday Roast, a brunch consisting almost entirely of meat, both roasted and barbecued, with pudding for dessert.

For Kids
The secret to Floyd’s appeal to the younger crowd is undoubtedly its food. Grilled meats, potatoes, scrumptious desserts – it is unquestionably irresistible. Many families may be tempted by the great menu and atmosphere, even though this restaurant offers nothing special in terms of accommodating its smallest guests (no children’s menu or high chairs). We would therefore rather suggest this spot to parents of teenagers and pre-teens with a good appetite.

Les Louves loves sneaking around the bar that acts as the storefront and entering the restaurant, hidden behind a winding corridor. You’ll feel like you’re uncovering a secret location, making this experience even more fun.

11, rue d’Enghien
75010 Paris
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Prices & Reservations
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+ 33 (0) 1 44 79 05 52

Translated by G.W.