Nanny Gift Guide

The saving grace of the family, the one who minds boo-boos, listens to stories, leads walks in the park, and prepares delicious dinners for the children, your nanny is an integral part of your lives, but you have little opportunity to thank her. As part of the end of the year celebrations, here are a few ways to remind your nanny how important she is to you and your family.

A Small Personalized Envelope
Slide a check or some cash into a beautiful envelope for a small end of the year bonus; do not forget include a little note of gratitude to add a personal touch. The nanny will love it much more if the children are involved; have them add a drawing or a note just from them.

In the case of joint custody, do not hesitate to discuss the amount in the envelope with the other family: this will not only help you determine how much you will give, but also find a nice idea to supplement the gift.

For the nanny with a sweet tooth, give chocolate – enough to share with her family during the holidays. Go in a new direction this Christmas by opting for a tasting kit that combines discovery and indulgence. For a nanny who prefers savory treats? The Nouveaux Fromagers is perfect for cheese lovers, featuring a selection of exceptional raw milk products.

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A Good Book
Does your nanny enjoy opening a good book while the kids sleep? A good book or a subscription to her favorite magazine will help your nanny escape during siesta time.