Breastfeeding: essential items for the first days

An intimate, shared moment with one’s newborn, the breastfeeding period is a precious break for a mother and her baby. So that these moments are carried out with serenity, here is a list of the essential items which you may not have necessarily thought of, to have at home from the first days.


Cabbage leaves
This method is well known to midwives: apply a cabbage leaf to the breast to relieve and treat a waterlogging, a common problem for young mothers. It can result in an inflated breast, which is tense and very painful. In addition to the other recommended treatments, in case of engorgement (breastfeed your baby as often as possible, massage your breasts under a very hot shower, apply cold compresses…), the cabbage leaf is a very effective trick. To ensure you have the necessary materials on hand, do not hesitate to freeze a green cabbage before your delivery day, by preparing several leaves reserved separately in small plastic bags. You must, before applying these natural compresses on your breast, crush the veins of the cabbage with a rolling pin. It is advisable to regularly change the cabbage leaf (every two hours for example) because it wilts quickly in contact with the hurting breast.

A breast pump
You may need to use a breast pump: especially to decongest an engorged breast for example, but also to be able to relieve yourself from time to time by handing the feeding responsibilities over to dad or to move to mixed feeding after some time… You can get an electric breast pump at a pharmacy, and in addition, a manual breast pump is always practical: it’s lighter, you can travel with it (at a dinner at friends’ house, on weekends or at work if you wish to continue breastfeeding at the end of your maternity leave).
Dodie manual breast pump, 35 euros

Bottles to store breast milk
To store your milk in the refrigerator or freeze it, get bottles or storage bags.
Set of 4 bottles, 14.08 euros
20 breast milk sachets, Easyfreeze Ardo, 15 euros

Nursing pads
During the first weeks, you will be making lots of milk: to avoid staining your clothes and not having to change your bra several times a day, opt for nursing pads, absorbent pads that slip into your bra.
Disposable Nursing Pads, 24 pieces, 6.49 euros

A night light for your room
During the night, a night light is helpful to take care of your baby in a subdued atmosphere. For the first few days, you will certainly need to check that your baby is “taking” the breast by looking at the positioning of his mouth on your breast: rather than having to turn on a bedside lamp, opt for a night light that’s bright enough to allow you to see your baby. Les Louves really likes the very practical model from Pabobo, a white night light with soft light.
Pabobo automatic night light, 13,58 euros

Adapted clothing
For the day time, you will need really practical clothes to feed your child without any trouble: shirts or vests are really the easiest to handle, especially if they are equipped with snaps. For the night, the nightgowns designed by Francis & Henry have seduced us: their wide neckline can be easily pulled down to access the breast without buttons or a complicated drape system.
The box of two Francis & Henry nightgowns, 126 euros

Breastfeeding bras
You will need at least two of them. Keep in mind that you will certainly wear your bra to sleep, so opt for a model without wiring, which will be more comfortable for the night.
Set of two seamless breastfeeding bras, 24.99 euros

Good readings
All of the new information you’ll learn about breastfeeding can be quite overwhelming. Before the baby comes, we suggest finding some good books or articles on the topic. This way, you’ll be prepared before the baby comes, and you can refer to them as more questions arise.

A tube of Lanolin
A very useful cream to apply on the weakened nipples the first days, it also helps to cure any crevices.
Lanolin care cream for nipples, Lansinoh, 9 euros

A nursing pillow
An essential to avoid back pain, a nursing pillow helps you sit comfortably during feedings, without stressing the neck.
Red Castle maternity cushion, 75 euros

Translation: Ashley Griffin

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