Nicknames: Our favorites for boys and girls

Gab, Stan, Max, Jo… Sometimes we choose our child’s first name simply because we love the nicknames that go with it! Here is a list of our favorite nicknames for boys and girls:

For boys

Stanislas: Stan
Gregory: Greg
Maximilien: Max
Gustavo, Augustus, Augustine: Gus
Bartholomew: Bart
Alexander, Alexis: Alex
Matthew, Matias: Matt
Ferdinand: Ferdi
Gabriel: Gabe
Lucien: Lulu
Vladimir: Vlad


For girls

Victoria: Vic, Vicky
Gabrielle: Gab, Gaby
Philippine: Philou
Josephine: Jo, Fifi
Alexandra, Alexia: Alex, Lexie
Maxine: Max
Louise: Lou, LouLou
Charlotte: Cha, Lola
Clemence: Clem
Elizabeth: Lil, Lili, Zaz, Liz,
Leonore, Eleanor, Leonie: Leo

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Translation: Jacqueline Artz.