Our Favourite Spots in France for Prenatal Yoga

Yoga, in addition to its ability to relax our minds and bodies, helps regulate our hormonal systems and maintain our flexibility. To help you prepare for the big day, Les Louves has found the best spots for prenatal yoga in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux.


In Paris

Centre de Yoga Iyengar. Here, yoga is taught with the utmost respect for the teachings and methods of B.K.S. Iyengar – the world-renowned yoga master who passed away last summer, leaving behind this wonderful center and hundreds of followers worldwide. The Iyengar method is characterized by its focus on the alignment of one’s body in a given space, sequences of positions and movements, the use of support tools (straps, blocks, blankets, chairs, ropes…) and inverted positions. The prenatal classes are organized by trimester and catered to the individual mothers-to-be, who are always surrounded by at least two teachers and assistants to ensure that all positions are performed correctly and comfortably.
Centre de Yoga Iyengar, 35 Avenue Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris

Centre Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche. In addition to its gorgeous location – tucked behind the courtyard of a charming hôtel particulier – this is one of the best yoga centers in Paris, known for the excellent quality of its teachers and practices. Prenatal yoga classes are held once a week and last an hour and a half. To extend the benefits, this center also offers relaxing massages for expectant mothers, inspired by Ayurvedic traditions.
Rasa Yoga Rive Gauche, 21 rue Saint Jacques, 75005 Paris


In Lille

Yoga Studio du Vieux Lille also practices the Iyengar method and offers prenatal classes once a week. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Yoga Studio du Vieux Lille,2 rue Jean Moulin, 59000 Lille

In Lyon

O Yoga Studio. This ultra dynamic studio offers prenatal yoga classes each week. Better yet, the classes are taught in both French and English. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes.
O Yoga studio, 19 rue Cuvier, 69006 Lyon


In Marseille

Ouimum’s. The brilliant concept store is also a restaurant and tearoom, but above all, it is a center for the care and wellbeing of young and expectant mothers. Prenatal yoga classes are held on Saturday mornings. And if you’re coming with a little one, you can leave them to be cared for at the kid’s center. Duration: 1 hour.
Ouimum’s, 45 boulevard Edouard Hérriot, 13008 Marseille


In Bordeaux

Atelier du Yoga. This center offers two prenatal yoga classes each week, paying careful attention to relaxing and preparing your body for childbirth, with a special focus on breathing exercises. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes.
L’atelier du Yoga, 55 Cours Pasteur, 33000, Bordeaux