Our Secrets for Avoiding Heavy Legs During Pregnancy

Of the minor ailments of pregnancy, “heavy legs” is the greatest fear of many future mothers. And the summer heat certainly doesn’t do pregnant women any favours, only adding to problems with poor circulation. Discover our favorite tips and products to keep your legs feeling light, as well as the valuable advice of Marion Massias, Oh My Cream! beauty expert.

What to Do to Relieve Heavy Legs
“Several factors cause the sensation of heavy legs in pregnant women: prolonged standing, heat, wearing skinny jeans, but also a genetic predisposition for blood volume to increase by 40% during pregnancy and cause a slowing of blood flow,” says Marion Massias, Oh My Cream! beauty expert. Therefore, the greatest action to relieve heavy legs is to try and stimulate your circulation and wake up your bloodstream.

  1. The best move? Hold your ankles with both hands, continually compressing and decompressing, working up your thighs. Don’t hesitate to ask a friend or partner for help – this motion can also be very relaxing.
  2. If the first motion is too tricky to achieve later on in your pregnancy, when your movements may be hindered, opt for this second motion. Using body lotion, massage outward from the centers your legs, and simply touch the tops of your feet when you reach that point.

Bathroom Essentials to Fight Heavy Legs
One wonder-product stands out this season in the fight against tired legs – Dr. Hauschka’s Rosemary Leg Lotion, a super cooling lotion that will whip your circulation back into shape. “My tip: soak the end of a cloth diaper in very cold water, with about a ¾ tablespoon of moisturizing soap. Wrap this around your legs or feet and keep elevated,” says Marion Massias.

Finish with a bath full of Dr. Hauschka’s Lemon Lemongrass, a perfectly refreshing soak for tired feet and completely compatible with pregnancy.

Prevent the Effects of Heavy Legs and Show Your Legs Off in the Summer
The key to prevention is sure to be stimulating your blood circulation and keeping your skin well-exfoliated. “Regularly exfoliated skin will be much more responsive to products for heavy legs, helping them work more easily,” says Marion. So be sure to try some invigorating scrubs and refreshing shower gels, such as:

Ren Skincare Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm
Esthederm Osmoclean Exfoliating Shower Gel
Suilo Yuzu and Cinnamon Shower Gel

To keep your legs looking beautiful and cared for, several products could also be stocked in your vanity: Caudalie Divine Legs, a tinted moisturizer, gives your skin a natural-looking tan without sun or self-tanning.

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body, a paraben-free, iridescent body cream, almost acts as “sheathing lingerie for your skin.” Plus, its firming and illuminating formula gives your legs a radiant glow, making them appear thinner and longer.

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Translated by G.W.