Pregnancy diary: how to record 9 months of memories

In the great adventure of motherhood, memories do not begin until the moment of birth. You’ll also appreciate being able to remember, a few months or a few years later, the highlights and small moments of happiness of your pregnancy, from the first ultrasound to the last photo before going to the hospital… We have selected for you our tips and ideas to keep a pregnancy notebook so that you do not forget anything part of the next nine months, with the help of

Keep a pregnancy journal

Can pregnancy be the best time to start a diary? From the first months, when you keep the secret of this great news, you feel the need to focus on yourself, to listen to your body and soothe your mind, so why not write? First impressions, surprises, frustrations, obsessions, anecdotes, jokes, nothing is taboo in a diary, let alone a pregnancy diary: a very intimate memory to keep close and reopen in a few years, or the next time you’re pregnant…

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Give yourself a nice notebook at the very beginning of your pregnancy, to record all your moods as a pregnant woman, and take photos of your belly as it grows… We recommend using Polaroid-style photo prints and a cute masking tape to add them to the diary.
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Get a portrait taken

In the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, one proudly sports one’s round belly and begins counting the days before the date of the term. This is the right time to organize a photo shoot at home, just to immortalize these days before birth. Alone, with the future dad, with the family: then get a large and quality print of the most beautiful photo.

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Take the same picture every trimester of pregnancy and print a collage-style poster of 3 photos, to hang this beautiful souvenir on the wall.
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Create a pregnancy album

Your belly which rounds out month after month, the ultrasounds which liven the pregnancy, your last vacation as a couple… Each step that brings you closer to the birth is a beautiful memory to keep preciously in album which you will be happy to show to your child later. He will be curious and proud to know the story of his birth and to know that he is coming out of this round belly. So remember to take pictures as much as possible during your pregnancy and make your birth album.

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For a photo book site to create a custom birth album throughout pregnancy: we choose the theme, cover and layout in a few clicks, with the freedom to add text on some shots, to add dates, places and other stories…
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