Your pregnancy: advice and to-do list for the second month

It’s still a secret, but for you it’s a little more concrete. You are slowly becoming aware that a baby is growing in your stomach, and your body reminds you every day: you are pregnant and you feel the need to sleep more, eat differently… You may even feel vulnerable psychologically, under the effect of hormones that jostle in your body. Everything seems to go wrong, but everything is normal: you are in the second month of pregnancy…


Sometimes in a foul mood, sometimes as sweet as a lamb—you can become difficult to follow for the people who share your life… You are keen to reveal your secret. Your entourage is now divided into two categories, to which you can’t speak quite the same way: those who know and those who do not know. Concealing nausea and fatigue is sometimes complicated.

Advice from a midwife: How to explain the mood changes of the pregnant woman?
In your body, a person is being created. Imagine for a moment what that means… Your body fully refocuses its operations in order to support the development of your future baby! It is a real hormonal upheaval that requires a lot of energy to which is added the emotion that you have lived for a few weeks, the excitement of this new perspective, the frustration of not being able to tell all those around us, the concentration it sometimes requires to hide it, rearranging work hours, paying attention to what you eat: it is already a lot for a woman on edge!


Your body
Your stomach demands food from you differently and at irregular hours: you may not be able to stand the sight of the contents of your refrigerator. Your favorite dishes repulse you and you are tempted to adopt a much more basic diet: protein, starch, bread, sugar. So many changes are motivated by nausea that you may feel during this second month, but also by the great upheavals that your body encounters: if they are not yet visible, they can change in depth your habits and food cravings. During this second month, do not hesitate to listen to your body: the ideal method according to Bernadette de Gasquet (author of the book Bien-être et maternité) would be: eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, avoid fat and sugar to save energy, drink a lot of water… Especially concerning energy, you may feel fatigue after lunch and at end of the day: do not hesitate to slow the pace, by changing your schedule and allowing more time for yourself. With a little luck, these strokes of fatigue will disappear at the end of the third month of pregnancy. When it comes to your chest, the purchase of a bra in your (new) size can help…

Advice from a midwife: How to fight cravings while still eating enough?
Listen to your body, but reach for snack of steamed zucchini instead of a carton of ice cream! Try, as for nausea, not to have an empty stomach… For this, split up your meals during the day and compose your plates of complete starchy foods, cooked vegetables (in unlimited quantity) and proteins. In between, eat fruits, crackers. Water allows the fruit to swell in your stomach and fill you, so hydrate yourself! Take care of your body, find an activity to stay active!



  • Schedule, with your gynecologist or the midwife who will follow your pregnancy, the 3 mandatory ultrasounds: the first must take place around 12 weeks of amenorrhea
  • If you are not immune to toxoplasmosis, you must repeat your blood test every month until the end of the pregnancy.
  • Think about the maternity ward or hospital where you would like to give birth because you will have to register in the 3rd trimester.


To think about
In 6 months, you will not be able to travel or take a plane: now is the time to take advantage of it to escape in love for a babymoon or to adapt your holiday plans to your pregnancy. Warning: avoid exposing yourself to the sun—the pregnancy mask can appear even in the first trimester.

Thanks to Hortense, midwife, for her helpful advice.

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Translation: Ashley Griffin


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