Safe Tanning: 5 Self-Tanners to Try During Pregnancy

Sun exposure may be strongly discouraged for pregnant women, but that doesn’t have to prevent you from having a beautiful tan year-round. A natural tan and golden complexion: these self-tanners go out of their way to help you maintain this look from the first, sunny days of spring.

Avène Hydrating Self-Tanner for Face and Body
The plus: it’s great for fair skin – the tanning effect is slow and subtle. Three or four days of daily application should achieve the desired effect, depending on your skin tone, without any surprises. Furthermore, the milk in this formula is exceptionally moisturizing and suitable for sensitive skin.
Avène Hydrating Self-Tanner for Face and Body, 100 mL, 13,49€

Self-Tanning, Naturally Radiant Face Cream by Dior
The plus: the texture – this gel lotion feels great when applied. We especially love just how natural the effect is, due to the “Perfect Bronze pH Complex,” which allows your skin to regain its “real” tan. Brilliant.
Dior Self-Tanning, Naturally Radiant Face Cream, 50mL, 35,95€

Clarin’s Smooth, Instant Self-Tanner
The plus: its light and silky mousse texture, which is pretty unusual for self-tanner. For very fair skin, we recommend mixing a small amount of this instant tanner with your day cream to dilute it a bit. A couple of applications are enough to give your face and décolleté a natural, golden tan.
Clarin’s Smooth, Instant Self-Tanner 30 mL, 32,50€

St. Tropez Self-Tanning Spray
The plus: it’s a spray application (with the help of a glove), so you can avoid staining your hands. This is the self-tanning darling of American and British bloggers, providing a natural tan and color after a few days of application. Be sure your skin is well-moisturized when applying, especially around the knees and elbows. Its lovely, sweet fragrance also make it suitable for pregnant women with a sensitive sense of smell.
St. Tropez Self-Tanning Spray, 200mL, 24,10€

Xen-Tan Ultra Luxe Sunless Tanning Lotion
The plus: Xen-Ten also offers a tinted lotion, which can help distribute the product on your skin. But beware – this product is incredibly thick and may be difficult to spread, so you may want to apply it with a special glove for optimal results. This lotion is best-suited for dark skin, as it ensures a deep, attention-grabbing tan within hours of application.
Xen-Tan Ultra Luxe Sunless Tanning Lotion, 236mL, 53,99€

Translated by G.W.