The Beauty Store for Beautiful Kids

Creams to protect from the cold weather, emergency ointments for cuts and sores, perfumes that smell deliciously of childhood: welcome to Jolis Mômes, the first-ever shop dedicated entirely to the beauty and care of our littlest boys and girls. Delphine, a mother herself who has always been passionate about beauty, carefully selects  the most organic and child-friendly brands, frequently finding new products and treasures that our little ones adore. Among the brands carried: Cattier, Alphanova , Pitta Patta and the children’s favorite organic brand, Fruit Too.

Les Louves loves the water-based nail varnish by Little Bu, for manicure dates with our mini-mes that never require acetone. How? This varnish can simply be removed with water.

Jolis Mômes
156, rue de Courcelles
75017 Paris
+33 (0) 1 42 27 37 57

Translated by G.W.