Enfance Paris: Soaps that Smell Delightfully of Childhood

Delicate papers, delightful prints, sweet scents: Enfance has released its newest line of children’s soaps, all 100% natural and organic, and suitable for the most sensitive skin. For those ages 0-12, these soaps work by age to bring children’s skin exactly what it needs.

Soothing for newborns to 3-year-olds, purifying for 3 to 8-year olds and stimulating for 8 to 12-year-olds – the delicate soaps of Enfance Paris go out of their way to adapt to our littlest ones’ bathtime needs. Made entirely of natural elements and organic ingredients (shea butter, coconut, camelina, lavender, rosemary, macadamia, peppermint, lemon…), these chic bars of soap, covered in fancy patterns, are all created with children in mind: without parabens, preservatives, paraffins or colouring. Packaged in charming, individual boxes, which easily transform into secret treasure chests for the little ones, these soaps also come tied with a beautiful ribbon, making them even easier to use at bathtime.

Les Louves loves the irresistible packaging, which decorates the bathrooms of the most demanding young mothers.

100g soap with box, 15€. 100g soap, 10€


Translated by G.W.