Essentials for the First Few Days at Home with Baby

 All moms-to-be religiously prepare for hospital, but sometimes we forget to get the house fully-stocked with every, little thing the baby will need when home from the hospital. From baby toiletries to mom care: follow this small list of things we recommend to facilitate your first days at home with baby.

There are some basics we all remember, even first time moms : crib, changing table, baby clothes, and stroller. Beyond these obvious purchases, we often forget to entrust young mothers with a list of learned essentials for the first days at home with baby. Whether it’s for vanity or infant care, here is the list of essentials to prepare for the weeks before your due date, which will help you avoid extra trips when coming home from the hospital.

The Baby’s Toiletries

  • A bottle of gilbert oil – limestone liniment for changing.
  • Non-woven sterile pads to clean the eyes and the umbilical cord.
  • Big cotton squares for the toilet and bath.
  • A thermal water bottle for changing.
  • Two packs of diapers.
  • A thermometer for the bath and a thermometer with a flexible tip for the baby.
  • A robe for the baby after a bath.
  • A bottle of antiseptic for cleaning the cord.
  • A soft, hypoallergenic bath soap.
  • Physiological saline in quantity.
  • A hairbrush and a small comb.
  • Small scented garbage bags for diapers (available at Monoprix).
  • One vial of liquid Tylenol for infants.
  • A pair of small scissors.
  • Diaper rash cream such as Bepanthen.
  • A milk powder dispenser for moms who feed or prepare bottles at night.
  • Small baby-bottles, even for nursing mothers.
  • In the closet, plan sufficient pajamas and undies, as well as diapers and bibs, so you’re not overwhelmed by the first washing.

For the Nursery

  • A portable nightlight, which will allow you to walk around during the night without turning on the harsh lights of the house and maintain the subdued atmosphere.
  • A small blanket for afternoon naps in the living room or bedroom.

In the Kitchen

  • Have some pre-prepared dishes in the freezer before baby comes; they should be quick to defrost, balanced meals that will be a great comfort between bottles.
  • Several packs of mineral water delivered in the weeks before your due date.
  • A bottle of Hepar to add to the bottle if the baby is constipated.
  • Hypo-allergenic detergent for baby clothes.