Your pregnancy: advice and to-do list for the fifth and sixth months

You are at the heart of your second trimester of pregnancy—the one that makes you happy, surprises you and often makes you more fulfilled than ever. This is the time to devote some energy to prepare the arrival of the baby while being sure to take care of yourself, as well.


You’re pregnant, and it’s showing. For you and for the people around you, a lot of things are changing. You get used to, little by little, the kind looks you get, the recurring questions about your condition and the comments on the shape and size of your belly: the kindness with which you are surrounded helps to create a kind of comfort bubble, a state of grace that invites you to turn inward and take even more care of yourself.

Our Advice: Is pregnancy the right time to start meditation?
We tested the application Maternity, which offers audio exercises of mindful meditation to pamper your mind and emotional balance. We love these little moments that bring us closer to ourselves, which helps us to reassure ourselves about what will happen and to better withstand the inconvenience of pregnancy.
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Your body
Filled with anticipation, you watch your stomach swell and fidget as soon as you settle down in the day, or in the evening when you lie down. Instinctively, you put your hands on your stomach to better feel these movements, and try to guess the position of the baby, and now you find yourself talking to him… These moments are, in a way, the first moments of complicity that you create with your baby. You enjoy the kicking, sometimes intense and surprising movements, you observe the waves that run through your belly. All these magical moments are even better when shared with your spouse and siblings. Even better if there is a way to involve the whole family in the pregnancy and upcoming birth.

Advice from a midwife: How to avoid back pain while pregnant?
Your belly is getting a little rounder every day, and some tensions can arise in your back and in the lower abdomen. The first thing to do is to listen to your body and take care of yourself before the pains appear… For that, try to avoid arching your lower back when you are standing (in order to do that, stand as if your baby where sticking to your spine). If you feel the need, take breaks during the day, and limit your work hours if you can.
You can also swim, do yoga, or use the prenatal gym to keep you in shape; but avoid sports that require abdominal exercises or have a risk of falling. Massages will certainly make you feel good… If the pain persists, make an appointment with an osteopath or a chiropractor.



  • It’s during the 5th month of pregnancy that the second trimester ultrasound should occur: if you do not know it yet, it will reveal the sex of your baby.
  • It’s time to concentrate on the first year of your baby. If you do freelance work, how are you going to organize your maternity leave? What solutions will you chose to ensure it goes smoothly? As for maternity assistance, will you want a nursery or a live-in nanny?
  • Be sure to take the steps for registration necessary for your country.


To think about:
If you know the sex of the baby, it’s time to create your first list of baby names. Is it a girl or a boy? Do you want mixed first names, rare ones, trendy ones, or classic ones? The most difficult part will be agreeing on one together!


Thank you to Hortense, a midwife, for her precious advice.

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Translation: Ashley Griffin
Photo credit: @Belly Balloon Photography / Les Louves

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