For an elegant post-bath, Moumout, a brand for petit Parisians, bundles up children in hooded bathrobes and towels with pom-poms. At night, kids coil up in pajamas with stylish prints and soft colors. All products are designed with high quality cotton for the comfort of kids’ sensitive skin.

This Parisian brand has already won over chic, New York moms, who were easily convinced by their selection of eco-friendly materials and joyful spirit.

Les Louves loves the square “panpan”, a blanket with a cotton muslin cover, which can be used as a cloth diaper, a blanket, a playpen mat, or a bedspread … The ideal all-in-one for traveling babies. Another ingenious product by Moumout is the ultra-practical “sweat” bib which slips on like a t-shirt and protects the pretty outfits from unpredictable meal times.

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