The Kitchen of a Chic Mom in Médoc

With the looks of an Italian supermodel, an Icelandic photographer husband, and a large family of seven and twenty dogs: welcome to “Manger” the ultra polished universe of Mimi Thorisson, one of the most fascinating mommy bloggers of the moment.

This 41-year old Franco-Chinese French cuisine lover moved to Mėdoc a few years ago with her clan to indulge her passion for cooking

First in her cooking show, then in her book, A Kitchen in France, Mimi skillfully mixes glamor and rusticity, French chic and natural ease

All photos are taken by her husband, Oddur Thorisson, who captures everyday moments shared by their family. A unique atmosphere that makes you dream.

For which moms?
Those who dream of leaving everything behind to live in a large country home, to enjoy the rhythm of walks in the vineyards and the seasons that pass. It is also for those who wish to follow Mimi’s recipes of meringues, roasted apricots and homemade stuffed cabbage.

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