Your hospital bag: What you really need to bring on D-Day

Comfortable clothes, beauty essentials, things for the baby: Carefully prepare your hospital bag to ensure you live serenely during your first days of motherhood. Discover our list of essentials for your delivery and stay at the hospital below.

For the delivery room 

For mom
A loose and comfortable t-shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty.
A pair of soft, warm socks.
Hair elastics to tie back long hair from your face.
A spray bottle and refreshing face wipes, which are helpful if labor lasts a while.

For dad
A change of clothes if he has to spend the night at the maternity ward.
Something to eat and drink during labor. The wait can be long and the snacks in the vending machines are not always great…

For the maternity ward: Mom

Clothing and accessories
2 loose and comfortable pants (a pair of pregnancy pants and a pair of tasteful pajama bottoms, for example).
4 tops, preferably those that are easy to unbutton (if you want to breastfeed) and are not transparent (you may be too tired to wear a bra). It’s a good idea to choose tops that will not be out of fashion in a few years; when you look at the photos of these first days, you’ll thank yourself for choosing a t-shirt or plain blouse.
A sweater or cardigan. It is often hot in the maternity ward, but when you travel to the nursery or newborn bathroom, it may be helpful.
A pair of slippers or ballet flats that are easy to put on and do not have laces.
5 pairs of comfortable underwear (There is no need to invest in disposable net underwear, you will be more comfortable in cotton panties or old underwear).
A nightgown or pajamas.
A kimono or robe to refill the baby’s bottles at night if you decide to keep your baby with you.
A pillowcase to help you feel a little more at home.

Liquid soap with a neutral PH level.
Your makeup and beauty essentials to look beautiful and feel at home.
Body lotion, hand cream, and lip balm. With the warm maternity room and hormone changes that occur during childbirth, you may need to moisturize your skin.
Earplugs. If you are a light sleeper and have left your newborn at the nursery, it will keep you from hearing the cries of other babies at night.
Hair elastics and dry shampoo. You may not have the time or energy to wash your hair the first few days after childbirth.
Sanitary napkins. Find out if these are supplied by the maternity ward or if you must bring your own.

If you are breastfeeding
A Lanolin cream to prevent dry and cracked skin.
Nursing pads.
Breast shells.

For the maternity ward: Baby

If you plan to bottle feed: 2 diapers, 2 bibs.
4 onesies (preferably onesies that can be buttoned at the front, to avoid having to put them over the baby’s head).
2 pajamas (again, those that can be buttoned at the front).
2 sweaters or vests.
A little blanket.
A cotton hat.
A snowsuit for bringing the baby back home if you give birth in winter.
A hand towel.
A soft brush.
A pacifier if you want to use one.

Practical objects

Phone Charger.
Some packets of your preferred tea.
A nightlight, good for avoiding the harsh lights of the maternity ward when you breastfeed or give a bottle at night.
A notebook to write down your first impressions, but also the feeding times.
Some sweet treats to snack on and a bottle of champagne to celebrate the happy event…

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Translation: Jacqueline Artz