Flying with a baby: the essentials for a long-distance flight

Before heading to a far-off destination with a child, one step is crucial: preparing a diaper bag for the plane. It is important to not forget anything, or else you risk suffering through the duty-free section of the airport. There’s no need to take a lot, but to get the most out of your adventure, here is our checklist for what to bring for the mini globetrotters.

Diaper bag

For the flight, choose a bag with a lightweight material, because you are going to want to fill it up. Find one with a shoulder strap, especially if you are using a baby carrier on your back. Neutral colors that aren’t too light (less messy) are best to adapt to all seasons and vagaries of travel.

Swaddling blankets

Take two, large blankets that can be used for diaper changes and as a sheet or a comfort blanket when your baby go to sleep.


It sounds obvious, but always take a few more diapers than your child usually goes through in 24 hours. This can be life-saving if the flight is delayed, and you can avoid the need to buy a brand that is not suitable in a hurry at the airport.

Baby wipes

On a day-to-day basis, they have a limited use, but on the plane they become essential for wiping the baby’s hands and bottom after diaper changes. The maxi-pack will take up too much space in the diaper bag, but a pack of thirty wipes should suffice.

Saline solution

In the case of a stuffy nose, use a pipette to unclog your child’s nose before take off and again before landing to limit the pains of decompression.

Repairing cream

To limit the amount of products you bring, opt for a cream that can be used for the child’s bottom and for little rashes on the face. If the air on the plane is too dry, the cream can also be used to soothe your baby’s skin.


You never know when a toothache or fever may strike. Plan on needing a bottle of paracetamol to solve the problem, ease your child’s cries, and avoid being hated by your neighbors.

Healthcare notebook

Don’t forget to bring it, even if you don’t think you will take it out.

Baby food

If your child is older than 3 years old, don’t load up the diaper bag; if not, plan their meals. All airlines allow baby food to be brought in cabin baggage.

A container for baby formula

Very practical for bringing the right dose of formula for the next three bottles. The type with a rotating lid allows you to avoid unscrewing the container for each new bottle. This comes in handy when the plane has turbulence.

Baby bottle

No need to bring a bottle for each liquid because just one will suffice. Opt for the model that opens at the bottom, though, because it is much easier to rinse out and clean.


For infants and until 2-years-old, plan on bringing two outfits. A comfortable change of clothes in a lightweight material works best, but also bring a warm cardigan because it can get chilly on the plane. Slip a t-shirt into the bag for yourself, too, in case of emergency (such as your child spitting up on you).

Sleeping bag

Up to two years of age, children sleep in a sleeping bag. We recommend a light, compact model with a small pouch to avoid bringing another bag on board.

Baby blanket

If your child uses a baby blanket, it is impossible to forget it. But perhaps the blanket won’t even go into the diaper bag.

Baby sling

Unlike the baby carrier, the baby sling is easy to bring in a diaper bag rolled up. You can even take it out to rock the baby while on the plane.

Baby games

Even if toddlers play with anything near them, you may consider bringing a fabric book on the plane.


Translation : Jacqueline Artz.